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Traffic Catcher Sites

Elite Certified Vendor Includes
A Customized Traffic Catcher Website & Toolbox


 Features & Benefits


Prospect Landing Page

Your Traffic Catcher System (TCS) landing page is your primary tool for sharing information about your company, products, or services on the Certified Vendor Directory and website to gain additional customers.

This page makes it easy for managers and other board members to refer to your company via the landing page on the Certified Vendor Directory for new projects or job bids.

You can leverage your landing page via your website or we can provide additional services to convert this landing page into a full website.

We'll automatically link your landing page to the management company's directory for new association bidding opportunities, and the organization's website for residence opportunities, where available.

Mobile Access

With the TCS landing page, you have the ability to get referrals while prospects are on the go.

Your prospects or customers can access your landing page from any mobile device.

When you register for the Elite or Elite Plus Certified Vendor Program you'll get an advanced version of your mobile site so people can view your products or services with a flick of their finger.


TCS landing pages are customizable making it easy to match your marketing look and feel.

You can customize messaging, add your logo, change the color theme, add custom headers and main images, include a scrolling business tour of past jobs and much more.

Local Traffic

Local traffic is the most valuable traffic for most businesses. The Elite Certified Vendor Program organizations that we support typically rank very high on search engine results. More traffic, more business!

This traffic is routed to customers through the various marketing channels provided to you with your membership.

Its the perfect way to advertise locally online.

Members Can Help

If you are a member of  the Elite or Elite Plus Certified Vendor Program that is using the Association Service Network program, your business will also be included in website. This service is designed to help deliver additional prospects to your website (SEO) with over 100,000 hits per day.


Although this type of targeted advertising would normally have a monthly cost, it is included in your registration dues.

Many people ask our support center if they will be charged for this service. the answer is 100% NO.

This program is provided by our customers to thank you for being a member of their organization.

Button Connected to Various Sites

Traffic Catcher System (TCS) also gives you the option to launch your landing page from a button on your website.

When one of your prospects clicks on your landing page button, it loads your page quickly presenting what is important for a new prospect to see.

Visitors can easily send referrals to their friends, family, and colleagues, without ever leaving the landing page.

Monthly Reporting

The TCS system tracks all of your visits to your landing page that are generated from the Area Search Engine and traditional search engines like Google.

It's the kind of data you need to make wise advertising decisions.

Social and Local Networking

Your customers may want to take advantage of their existing social networks to refer your company or service.

The TCS landing page has the modules to easily integrate with many different social services. Your prospects or customers can now share your business via services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Below is a sample tool box screen within the TCS Portal. You will be able to click on the video icons and learn more about each tool when working on your landing page.

Don't miss this great opportunity to expand your business today. Sign up for the Elite or Elite plus program now! If you  have questions on these features please call 877-404-2008.


Companies Spend Thousands of Dollars for this type of Search Engine Optimization and Key Communication Tool-set